Established in March 2012, MyPharma S.A. is a Portuguese pharmaceutical company, which was born from the merger of other companies of the same branch, bringing together the experience and knowledge of more than 20 years of activity to the service of Health in Portugal.

MyPharma S.A. believes that success is always due to the development and consolidation of its activity in partnership with ALL stakeholders in the market circuit where it is inserted: Doctors; Pharmaceuticals; Distributors; other Health Professionals and Users.

The activity of MyPharma S.A. is engaged in the promotion, dissemination, wholesale trade, import and export of pharmaceuticals, medicines for human use, cosmetic products, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, dietetics and veterinary products.


We are very proud of being a Portuguese company and our goal is to help in the development of the countries where we are present, keeping the respect for the traditions and habits of the people of those countries.

Interaction with the scientific community

Knowledge transfer and preservation of scientific heritage are values strongly defended by MyPharma SA.

Quality of our products
Demand of high quality, safety and effectiveness standards.

Professional competence
Solid and heterogeneous teams with common aims, that ably to their responsibilities , by working every day, in the pursuit of the objectives, while ethics and transparency is present in all their actions.

Respect for the environment
Environmental protection is one of MyPharma’s major concerns; we take sustainable attitudes towards the environment and humankind.

MyPharma has been developing an innovative portfolio, with a wide range of products with high quality standards, which allows us a bigger engagement with the market, a higher scientific knowledge and a greater strategic awareness of all different medical specialities.

MyPharma is focused in the following specialities:

General Practice; Orthopaedics; Rheumatology; Physiatry; Vascular Surgery; Gynaecology; Obstetrics; Sports Medicine; Paediatrics, among others.


Myphama is a strong and growing company. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, ambitious, creative and who want to work dynamically.

At MyPharma we believe that it’s not just about collaborators, but about the right people.